The Little Village Craft Fayre

Every year the little village of Shaldon has a craft fayre from June to September (weather permitting) of course.  And there I have a little stall full of little goodies mostly for little children, especially girls. 

And so each Wednesday I shall be parking somewhere hopefully close to the green, unloading all my home made items and having a lovely day talking to visitors and looking like an idiot in my 1785 costume.  Being a slightly larger lady with amply bosom I look more like a wench than either a maid or a lady.  The costume is the down side to 1785 day.

I will post some pictures next week when the fayre starts.  Now I must return to my making. 

I must have a full stall, and am in desperate of pirate bunting to go in between all the pink things. 

Opposite our green is the village bowling club.  Such a pretty place to live.  Many of the visitors arrive by ferry from Teignmouth.  It is such a lovely time of the year, to see so many people enjoying the village.

Please visit and have a look at our lovely weekly craft fayre.  (no laughing at my costume though)

Ok so this is coming up to my third week at the little craft fayre on the green and it is going quite well.  Locals and visitors coming out and supporting the day.  Have taken some pictures and hope you get the feel of how this lovely this fayre is.

Thanks for looking and hopefully you can visit in person.

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