Thursday, 27 May 2010

shells and fishes

I live a 5 minute walk from the beach and have become obsessed with collecting shells and making things from them.  At the moment I make fish.  Carefully positioning shells then using a pva type glue, paste them onto my wooden cut out shape.  I always try to find the perfect eye shell, preferably one with a barnacle.  Anyway after it has dried I hot  glue my rope around the edge.  Finally I stick a piece of material ( normally denim) on the back.  The finished result is a rustic fish. 

The girls had a go using shapes of their preference.  They had great fun finally using some of their shell and stone collection.  We added a few plastic squidgy things to brighten up their patterns.  And when dried I will hang on some wire or jute (I always drill a hole just in case it is needed) and will hang in their bedroom.

I love my shells and fishes.
Happy shell hunting.


  1. I would give my eye teeth for your fish!!!! How absolutley beautiful.

    When I go to the beach I spend hours looking for stones with holes all the way through ....they are supposed to have magic powers.

    They make lovely pendants.

    I wish I lived by the sea!!!! It would be like heaven on earth!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment Helen, I adore your website and contantly peep for ideas on bargins :) Next time I'm collecting I shall look for those magic ones and one day send you some.

  3. What a clever project! I hope your fish sell well, also. I have some small driftwood I want to make into a wreath or a mirror frame. Thanks for your lovely comments on my hummingbird post. Your girls would be thrilled at the sight of a dozen hummers feeding at two feeders. If you sit on our deck very quietly, they come quite close!

  4. Just discovered your blog thanks to the link party and it's absolutely great! (can we actually write that?)
    I follow you.