Thursday, 20 May 2010

Frogs and Hearts

Have been working a little this week, doing my usual book keeping and setting a school quiz for our parents association.  Hope the questions are not too hard and fish and chips up to their usual standard.

Anyway, sneakily popped into the backroom yesterday, put the ironing in the corner and made my first yo-yo.  Used a pretty, stripey, velvety cord which I think is too thick.  However finished it off with a button and attached the whole thing to a stuffed heart.  Quite cute I think, so then I made a few others to go on my summer craft stall.  Also quick whipped up a frog, I am short of frogs for my stall this year and could do with a few more.  Must try to make the effort to make some boyish ones though.  I stuffed this one with wheat and lavender.  It smells lovely and I am considering the eyes now.  Each frog has its own personality and people seem to like them.  Comments range from OOOOO to I had one just like that when I was little. 

I had one when I was little !

Also bought some great fabrics yesterday for some pirate bunting.  A few mums have mentioned this idea and must get going making some for the stall.  Oooooooo I am so looking forward to dressing up in a silly costume for our Wednesday 1785 day, Craft Fairs.  I look an idiot, but then so does everyone else on the village green I guess. 

If anyone is interested in the frog pattern I shall try and scan and publish.

All comments welcomed . . .


  1. Love your yo yo and your heart! Gorgeous fabric. And I remember those frogs, my kids had a couple when they were little. Cute and clever!

  2. I still love them too. Thank you for your lovely comment :)