Friday, 28 May 2010

walking the hill

With a spring in my step and enthusiasm overflowing I attempted to become fit this week with a walk to school.  I only live about 10 minutes away but the hill to get back home is horrendous.

 It normally takes twice as long to walk home and the effort results in a rather red faced, sweaty, knackered looking unfit mother.  However the walk is just lovely. 

We walk down through the Botanical Gardens.  Then down to the sea front and onto the flat ( only for a short time) finally arriving at school.

The Botanical Gardens are a smallish public area, on the hill overlooking Shaldon and Teignmouth.  Great trees and wild flowers make it a relaxing place to stroll through. 
But this week I was not about to stroll, I was going to walk.

And I managed it. 

Three days this week !

 Luckily it is half term next week so I have a break to recover from my effort.  However I will be back.  I have conquered my fear of the hill and my youngest is conquering her fear of the dogs we meet in the mornings. 

I have included a few of the views that can be enjoyed when stopping to catch my breath on the struggle up the hill. 

When I got home I strolled through the garden and looked sadly at my fuchsia that was killed by the snow this year.  However next to it was a poppy.  My front garden is full of them this time of year and I thought it rather lovely to see the old and the new blending beautifully.  

Then when I looked carefully I noticed the fuchsia was sprouting from the bottom.  It is alive. 

  I don't have to dig it out. 

 I don't have another job to put on my gardening list. 

 I will have more time to walk the hill. 

Alleluia :(

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