Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Foot of all feet. . . . The Walking Foot

OK, so you may already know this, but as I said I am learning and experimenting.  I use plastic fabrics to make bags but sometimes have a terrible problem sewing them and the tension etc makes the whole experience a disaster.  Then I heard about a 'walking foot'.  Went to my local sewing shop in Newton Abbot,  (name escapes me but I will blog about it soon) and was introduced to this amazing foot.  Many machines have them as standard now but mine sadly did not.  It helps to pull the material through from the top as well as the underneath plate walking  the material from underneath.  The result is that thicker fabrics and very thin delicate fabrics can be sewn with out the need for paper and they do not effect tension.  In all, a perfect stitch on my bags. 

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