Wednesday, 15 September 2010

drawing with your machine

This is where I want to be.  Drawing with my machine.  Now the little one is at school ( first day at school picture - almost forgot so quick photo in the door way - can you see the skip in the background ? )  and time should hopefully be flooding back to me, I shall have a go. 

Have found some great pictures on Feeling Stitchy  that are so simple yet so clever, here is where I discovered  Sarah Walton - unbelieveable pictures.  Colour Girl is just one of her amazing pictures.
Of course Three Red Apples is also quite unique - I just love the 2CV - so french - just wonderful.

I am soooo sooo much looking forward to playing with my new foot and trying to 'draw' but I do miss my little one now she is at 'big 'school.

Must bury myself in craft and sewing then I won't feel lonely :)

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