Monday, 5 November 2012

Practise makes perfect . . . . well almost

My dear friend Annie started crocheting about 2 years ago, 
made me a beautiful scarf last Christmas and after much encouragement help to teach me some basics.  

After much trial and error I found out how to make a granny square, then crocheted them together with a thick blue edging and finally made a shell pattern on the outside.  The final item is a blanket for my youngest daughter.  

And I am well chuffed!!

So thanks Annie for all your help, and thank you to my husband who got a bit fed up with me and my hook, all the time in my comfy red chair.

Something hopefully my daughter will keep for a long time and maybe pass it to her children?  

Oh and luckily my daughter doesn't like it . . . she loves it!!

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