Monday, 11 October 2010

Strawberries & Free pattern

I once said my blog in not about selling, I don't do etsy nor folksy, the selling I do at the Little Village craft fair in the summer and an occasional one in the winter with my friend Nicolette.  Sharing is something I think important in life.  Be it worries, receipies, heartaches, sewing tips, money problems . . . anything can be shared, well almost ! 

And so today I share my favourite knitting pattern for strawberries.  Very very easy ( I can't really knit) and quick to make . . . I know this should have been shared in the summer but I didn't so its happening now.  Give it a go, and all the best.

Cast on 6 sts using a red yarn
row 1  *inc 1, k1, rep from * to end of row (9sts)
row 2   Purl
row 3  *inc 1, k2 rep from * to end of row (12sts)
row 4   Purl
row 5  *inc 1, k3 rep from * to end of row (15sts)

row 6   Purl
row 7  *inc 1, k4 rep from * to end of row (18sts)
row 8   Purl
row 9  *inc 1, k2 rep from * to end of row (24sts)
row 10  Purl
row 11  *inc 1, k3 rep from * to end of row (30 sts)
row 12 With green yarn P1 st, with red yarn P4 sts, repeat pattern until end of row
row 13  Knit using green yarn before and after every previous green stitch, continue using red yarn.
row 14  Purl row in green yarn
row 15 *k2tog, K3 from * to end of row (24 sts)
row 16  K2tog across the row (12 sts)
row 17  K2tog across the row (6 sts)
row 18  K2tog across the row (3 sts)
contine onthese 3 sts for 3 more rows.
Cast Off

Options: with yellow yarn sew some V shapes for seeds. 

Then sew half way up the seam then stuff with some wadding and slip stitch the rest of the seam.

If you don't fancy these then take a look at the knitted  EYE BALLS.  I shall be trying these soon :)

Link Party

Hopefully this will be a Monday thing. Please feel free to link up your makes. I"m not fussed about you taking a button and  am always happy for you to comment on what you see.  I'd prefer no links too etsy, folksy etc but would welcome the genuine made it myself links from those of you out there who want to share your fantastic ideas. So link up and get this party going. 


  1. Thank you for that. Think I just might give it a go.

    Colette x

  2. My cousin would love this. I'm sending her the link!


  3. Love those strawberries!! Adorable!

    Let me invite you to my blog to participate in my little party called Fibers on Friday; a linky party for knitters and crocheters! We'd love to have you join us!


  4. These are totally precious!! I just love strawberries :D I'm so excited to be your newest follower and would love to have you as a friend at Frou Frou Decor! Be sure to link up your fun finds every Friday at my Fabulous Finds Party! Hope to see you there!!
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  5. I love your strawberries they I wish I knew how to knit too. I may have to try to crochet some. Thanks for sharing the pattern! Thanks for linking up to Your So Very Creative!

  6. Let me get this straight, you don't knit? You could have fooled me. These are just darling.