Friday, 12 October 2012

Bramble Jelly and the left overs

Long time, no see. . . . guess life got a bit busy and blog seemed to stop.  But I'm back for a bit and will try to post regularly.  That's a try not a promise.

So Jelly Making.  We have loads of blackberries so have picked them all.  Bag after bag after bag.  Rinsed, in the freezer and ready for jelly.  

Made the jelly using a BBC recipe found here BBC Bramble Jelly  and had all the rubbish from the jelly left sitting in my jelly bag.  

HATE WASTE . . . so I searched  for ideas and here it is.

Bramble Fruit Leather

I simply added sugar to the waste fruit.  Tasted it.
Strained it through a small sieve.
Spread evenly and thinly on to greaseproof paper.

And baked, and baked and baked in a low oven  (100 C ) for about a day.

Then cooled and cut and rolled.


Couldn't take any pictures of the finished leather, children ate it all before I remembered.

Worth the effort ( though it wasn't exactly hard) and wow, such intensity of flavour, healthy and waste from the brambles really minuscule.

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