Tuesday, 16 November 2010

flight of the home girl

I am going away. 

Leaving my little village in Devon, England and taking a 4 night break in New York. 

The two girls are going down the hill to granny and grandads.  And we are leaving for a quick break.  Sadly we won't be there for Thanksgiving, (flights etc get really expensive) but we hope to enjoy the US warmth and hospitality.

I used to live in Victoria, BC, Canada, and have a love of all things North American.  My husband, on the other hand is not too sure.  Having spend many hols on the West Coast it will be lovely to see another part of the US.  Any tips or ideas about NY would be most welcomed.

See you soon.


  1. Your break away sounds incredible, can't help with the New York bit though...LOL! Thanks for dropping in {while I was sleeping!}, I hope you continue to enjoy my blog...I have added my name to yours too. I love your machine embroideries, especially the VW!

  2. NYC is a great place to visit. I'm a southern girl now and I enjoy Nashville more!
    Welcome to the USA!

    Mel's Cabin